Audio Journal Vol.1

Bringing The Past To Light


It doesn’t matter what comes out
because no one is listening
there is no critic
there is no judge
there is only you
and your desire to be free



A New Type of Album

Inspired by the idea of stepping outside of the traditional album release, breaking down walls between the people that care about what I create and my public persona, truly making an interactive experience that is more than just another record, this is what the Audio Journal series is about.


  • New Song Every Week

  • Documentation of how and why each song was created

  • Collaborative album including audio stems and tempo maps



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What is an audio journal?

Journaling has always been a way for me to learn more about myself, a way to dive deeper into my feelings, past the clutter of daily life, to search for a sense of trueness. Though truth is impossible to actually find, journaling is a process, an action, that brings me closer. An Audio Journal starts with a blank white page, no sound, no intention of creating a certain type of music, or creating for a preconceived purpose. Audio Journaling is the process of capturing the vibration that's happening, inside, at that precise moment. Audio Journals do not have to be complete, they do not have to have a purpose, they just have to be. It's in the simple of act of pushing yourself to create something, anything, that an Audio Journal lives.


Yup, I want to collaborate with you. One day I posted a guitar piece on social media asking people for musical ideas. The response was overwhelming and inspiring. With the release of this album, I will also be releasing Audio Stems and Tempo Maps for most of the songs. Anyone with a computer or phone will be able to easily import these stems into music software and start adding their own creativity to the sounds.  

If you make something you like and want to share it, please do! Just give credit where credit is due, I promise to do the same. 

Where do i find the Blog?

Sanderson.Audio/Blog, you can also click on this link, or select the page from the menu bar of this website.  Every week, in addition to posting a new song, I'll be documenting what how and why these songs were created. In addition to the link you will find a short clip of the song. 

What are Audio Stems?

Often called sub-mixes, audio stems are a stereo mix of instrumentation from a song. For example, a drum kit is often recorded with multiple microphones—in some cases people can use upwards of 14. A drum stem would be a stereo mix of all 14 of those microphones. This way you can easily adjust the volume, mute, or process the entire drum stem on one audio channel. Audio Stems give people the ability to isolate elements of a song and easily create remixes or entirely new versions of a song.

What are Tempo Maps?

Every song has a tempo, it's just a matter of if the computer knows what it is. Most songs these days are recorded to a set tempo making it easy to overdub and manipulate ideas. Sometimes the verse may be one tempo, and the chorus may be another. Having a tempo map to a song give people the ability to easily sync up their recording session to the audio stems they were given. If you have ever worked with a sequencer, or wanted to sync a drum machine to a guitar part, or simply wanted a click track to sing to, this is the way to make life easy.

When will I get my vinyl?

Vinyl is now available throughout the world. At the moment we have independent distributers set up in the US, UK, and Germany to cut down on shipping costs. Feel to reach out if you have any questions.

A new song a week?

Back in August I released a new song a week for 12 weeks straight. Every Wednesday I emailed a new song, liner notes, and audio stems. Now, everything is available immediately upon purchasing the album.

Where do I get everything? 

To accomplish this feat of media magic I set up a password protected downloads page on my website. When you purchase the album you are automatically sent the password to access the Downloads Page.
There you can download, MP3's, High Fidelity WAV files, Audio Stems, Album Artwork, Blog posts with images, and Stems. There is a lot there.....