Audio Journal Vol. 1 - Bringing The Past To Light

For the past 15 years I have been keeping an Audio Journal.  The concept is the same as any journal. Take a moment from your day to reflect on and express what’s going on inside. A free thinking generative experience.

With most journals we start with a blank white page. With an Audio Journal I try to do the same. Clear my mind of debris so that I can focus all of my energy on listening. Grab an instrument, hear a vibration. One note on a piano, a buzzing fret on a guitar, the slow pulse of a drum machine. Encourage a spark, then go.

Recording music inspires me because you start with nothing but a feeling, and when you are done, you have something tangible that you can share with others forever. When I started my journals, they were made solely for myself.  I never wanted fear of judgement or a lack of perfection or “coolness” to get in the way of my desire to explore sound and emotions.

From these journals came countless hours of material. Some of which have morphed into ideas for Augustines songs, some have been lost, some are simply experimental and live as a placeholder in my life.

Today I am announcing a new type of record.  A living breathing record.  A journey, and a collaboration.