Track 10 - Lighter Blues


Recorded: October, 2007
Instrumentation: Acoustic Kay Guitar, hand shaker
Audio Stems: No

This week’s song brings us back to 2007.  A time period long before Augustines when Pela had just released Anytown Graffiti and was touring regularly across America.  It was a complex time period in my life, full of lessons on the music industry, working multiple day jobs, and struggling to make a name for myself. It was also a time period where I fully believed in the power of the human spirit to overcome any obstacle. A time when every opportunity was met with optimism.

Lighter Blues is a short and innocent melody played on my Kay acoustic using a lighter for a slide. The recording was made in a half an hour or less with one mic (sm57). The “percussion” was created by simply rubbing my hands together and looping a section. This was long before my days of midi and software instruments. The fingerpicked guitar was doubled, as was the melody, to get a sense of width and space. During the B section, rather than doubling the acoustic I opted to put a stereo delay on a single pass. This delay brought a bit more diversity to the piece, breaking it up from the A section.